Duo Joncol - Luz de Iberia

Britta Schmitt (guitar), Carles Guisado (guitar), Kurt Fuhrmann (percussion)

Since Isaac Albéniz, Enrique Granados and Manuel de Falla took over elements of folklore and flamenco in their vocal, piano and orchestral literature at the end of the 19th century, light, temperament and nature of Spain have been reflected in the art music of the Iberian peninsula. Joaquín Rodrigo, with whose virtuoso "Tonadilla" the duo Joncol opens their album "Luz de Iberia", further developed the national style and brought music of high compositional value back to the guitar.

Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado are clearly committed to music that, in addition to its strong rhythmicity, is characterised by distinct cantabiliy; Iberian music unites them. With "Luz de Iberia" they open a dialogue between works of the Spanish tradition of Isaac Albéniz and Joaquín Rodrigo and music from Spain for two guitars, which have been created recently. Two composers from Barcelona have written for the duo Joncol: Feliu Gasull the "Thirteen Bonsais for two guitars" and Carles M. Eroles "El jardín de las perlas colgantes" - "Garden of hanging pearls". Carles Guisado sings "Una Luz del Norte" for two guitars, which he dedicated to Britta Schmitt, the native of Münsterland, to the "Northern Lights".

With "Alma de mujer" by Chano Domínguez in their own arrangement for two guitars and percussion, the two artists also throw a spotlight on the current of flamenco jazz. As in two other pieces by Carles Guisado and Feliu Gasull, they will be accompanied by the Cologne jazz drummer Kurt Fuhrmann.



Duo Joncol - Luz de Iberia
Allegro ma non troppo (2:32)
Minueto pomposo (5:37)
Allegro vivace (3:54)
Bonsai 1 (0:22)
Bonsai 2 (1:04)
Bonsai 3 (0:46)
Bonsai 4 (1:32)
Bonsai 5 (0:41)
Bonsai 6 (0:39)
Bonsai 7 (0:43)
Bonsai 8 (1:10)
Bonsai 9 (1:09)
Bonsai 10 (1:10)
Bonsai 11 (0:32)
Bonsai 12 (0:53)
Bonsai 13 (2:15)
Una luz del Norte (8:59)
El Jardín de las perlas colgantes (7:00)
El peixet de Bloomington (7:45)
Capricho Catalán (2:53)
El puerto (4:23)
Alma de mujer (5:42)
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  • Klassik-heute

    "The prerequisite for this is, of course, interpreters who, in addition to absolute precision, also bring with them depth of feeling, fire and a certain emotional harmony. Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado leave nothing to be desired in this respect, their art is simply beyond all doubt in every respect."

  • Minor7th

    "Luz de Iberia is a beautifully produced CD that is a joy."

  • Classical Guitar Magazine

    "Top duo’s fascinating collection of familiar and unfamiliar works.

    This duo, together since 2008, has come up with an interesting combination of the familiar and the unfamiliar. They start with Rodrigo’s Tonadilla, one of the most iconic duets, thanks to the legendary Presti-Lagoya recording from decades ago, which has rarely, if ever, been surpassed.

    This duo makes a fine job of it, and manages to avoid all the pitfalls that nearly every recording falls into, so this becomes immediately one of my favorite interpretations of this bizarre but utterly compelling composition...

    ...Carles Guisado Moreno’s first work uses some percussion and is part-flamenco and, at times, almost part-jazz in its use of warm harmonies, with plenty of opportunities for solo flights up and down the fingerboards. This is another new work and composer to me, and a real find.

    ... Some of the modern pieces may take a little getting used to, but you can be assured that the CD has no weak moments at all."

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