Anna Colom, Carles Guisado, Britta Schmitt, Kurt Fuhrmann

Joncol4 - Aires de Andalucía

With its new project Joncol4, the classical guitar duo Joncol is breaking new ground and expanding its ensemble with flamenco vocals and percussion. With Kurt Fuhrmann, who devotes himself to various percussion instruments from all over the world and flamenco singer Anna Colom, the renowned Classical Guitar Magazine has found a formation:"It's in these moments of music-making that a classical-guitar journalist feels there may be hope yet for the future of the instrument. What's more is that old favorites such as pieces by Manuel de Falla and Enrique Granados shine in this new context. In terms of musical execution, Joncol4 is among the highest-caliber."

National and international promoters as well as radio stations such as WDR and Radio Nacional de España have come to the Quartet to stage concerts and broadcasts.

The formation of Joncol4 is unique so far. This also means that they are breaking new ground in their search for repertoire. In June and July 2015, Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado set off from Lucerne to Andalusia with the PfeiferMobil to get new inspiration for transcriptions and compositions and to continue to immerse themselves in the combination of classical Spanish music and Andalusian folklore. In their new project "Joncol4 - Aires de Andalucía", they present works by de Falla and Albéniz, newly composed works by Carles Guisado.

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