The art of dialogue

Duo Joncol

Two different curricula vitae that have something in common: the love of musical dialogue. Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado met during their studies at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona. They made their concert debut as duo Joncol in spring 2008 in the Catalan capital. With their intimate musical dialogue and their expressive spectrum of expression, the two musicians touch from tender longing to powerful joie de vivre. The press writes about her playing "virtuoso guitar music in lyrical form" and "perfectly coordinated guitar playing".

Her main focus is Spanish music. In addition to the rich flamenco and guitar tradition, they integrate contemporary Spanish music into their innovative concert programmes and work intensively with composers and artists of other genres and musical styles. Her two CDs "Blau Mar" and "Luz de Iberia" document this work. In addition to transcribing various works by the two musicians, Carles Guisado also engages himself as a composer and was described by the renowned Classical Guitar Magazine as a true discovery.

With their current project Joncol4, the classical guitar duo is breaking new ground and expanding its ensemble with flamenco vocals and percussion. Together with Kurt Fuhrmann, who devotes himself to various percussion instruments from all over the world and the flamenco singer Anna Colom, they now release their CD "Aires de Andalucía" as Joncol4, which combines classical Spanish music with Andalusian folklore.

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