Duo Joncol
Britta Schmitt
und Carles Guisado

"Virtuoso guitar music in lyrical form"

About Duo Joncol

The guitarists Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado Moreno met during their studies at the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya in Barcelona. Their debut as duo Joncol was made in the Catalan capital in 2008.

Since then they have given concerts in Europe and America, among others in Madrid, Paris, Cologne and Parma, at the Baden Master Concerts, the Lucerne Guitar Concerts, the WDR Chamber Concerts in North Rhine-Westphalia, the Vancouver Guitar Society and at the Festival Guitarras del Mundo in Argentina.

Radio Nacional de España and Radio Nacional de Argentina, WDR and Radio Nacional de Catalunya dedicated their own programmes to the music of the duo Joncol.

Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado Moreno studied at the Cologne, Barcelona and Lucerne music academies and graduated with distinction. As an ensemble, they have won numerous prizes, for example for the best interpretation of Spanish music.

The duo Joncol designs extraordinary concert programmes, which include not only the rich flamenco and guitar tradition but also contemporary Spanish music. It works intensively with composers and also with artists of other genres and musical styles.

Carles Guisado appears through his own compositions and together with Britta Schmitt through transcriptions for the duo Joncol.

The duo released their debut CD "Blau Mar" with Spanish and South American music in 2010, followed by their second album "Luz de Iberia" with works by Spanish composers, including three first recordings of works dedicated to the duo in 2014.
In their third album "Joncol4 -Aires de Andalucía" (2017), they present works by Manuel de Falla and Isaac Albéniz, as well as newly composed works by Carles Guisado.

Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado live in Zurich. They teach guitar at the Zurich Conservatory of Music and at the Pädagogische Hochschule Zug.


  • Badische Zeitung

    "There is a perfect harmony in this sympathetic duo, which harmonizes excellently in terms of technique and playing so finely, so finely tuned, rhythmically so enormously precise and with such a winning charisma that the audience was absolutely thrilled".

  • Westfälische Nachrichten

    "... very high string art of young masters..."

  • Kölnische Rundschau

    "Duo Joncol inspired with guitar music and intense interaction."

  • Westfälische Nachrichten

    "Britta Schmitt and Carles Guisado played this intimate chamber music with great attention to detail, perceptible lightness and perfectly matching phrasing"

  • Professor Hubert Käppel

    "The interplay is perfect, the musical design leaves nothing to be desired and the joy of making music makes the audience cheer. A concert with the duo Joncol is always an experience."

  • Münsterland Zeitung

    "Differentiated timbres, utmost precision in the interplay of virtuoso passages, well-dosed body language and facial expressions"

  • Borkener Zeitung

    "Virtuoso guitar music in lyrical form"

  • Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung

    "With their internalized skill and bravura virtuosity, the two of them created a perfect fusion in the game."

  • Professor Roberto Aussel

    "The recently realized concerts show a clear picture of the talent and aesthetics of this true guitar duo. The intensive work of Carles Guisado and Britta Schmitt, through their interpretations, shows a very promising future and a great development of their art on the international stages".

  • Aargauer Zeitung

    "... perfectly coordinated guitar playing..."


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